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What is Vaser liposuction?

Vaser liposuction is a minimally-invasive procedure using ultrasound waves to specifically target and break up areas of fat, whilst leaving other surrounding areas untouched.

The thermal energy destroys the body’s fat cells and seals off the vessels around it, leaving it ready to be sucked out with a traditional lipo tube.

It is worth noting that people who undergo Vaser treatments are not looking for combined fat-transfer procedures, as the fat can not be reused elsewhere in the body, unlike traditional lipo methods.

Vaser is one of the most popular forms of liposuction available, targeting those unwanted fatty areas you struggle to budge. VASER Lipo treatment is personally tailored for every patient according to body shape and desired outcome. It’s powerful enough to tackle larger areas of fat, for example on the tummy, flanks or thighs, but it’s also precise enough to work in delicate areas like the neck. If you have stubborn areas of fat, Vaser Lipo can reduce these.

We use state-of-the-art ultrasound technology for VASER Liposuction designed to selectively remove fat and help reshape your body and boost your confidence.

One of our highly experienced Cosmetic Surgeons will perform your procedure, which may take a couple of hours, depending on the number of areas that you wish to improve which can remove up to 4 litres of fat.

Vaser machines use ultrasonic energy to selectively break apart the fatty tissue whist still preserving essential tissues. The ultrasonic sound waves that the small probes emit break apart the fat on contact. The fat then becomes liquefied and is removed by a cannula via suction through tiny incisions. The discrete incisions are between 3-4mm.

Vaser Liposuction is excellent for removing unwanted fat and body shaping, contouring and sculpting.

Suitable for men and women

A common misconception about Vaser is that only women undergo procedures. Vaser lipo has taken the UK by storm and both men and women are using it up and down the country to define and refine muscle.

Want a crisp looking 6-pack, or ‘legs of steel’? Look no further than Vaser.

Men and women are now using Vaser to get rid of belly fat, thigh fat, flabby arms and neck, and sagging bums.

Treatments by Trained Professionals

Procedures for Vaser liposuction are carried out in our clinics and follow a very personal consultation. The consultations that we provide are in-depth and are designed to make you feel at ease, whilst producing a plan that is tailored to suit you and your body goals.

Using this state of the art technology, we can help you remove fat instantly and reshape your body.

Popular areas include the stomach, arms (bingo wings) and flanks (aka love handles).

The great thing about Vaser is that you enter the clinic for your treatment, and leave the same day. There is no need to stay over in a hospital and no need for general anaesthetic.

Each treatment, depending on the area of fat targeted, lasts around 45 minutes on average.

So if you are considering your options for re-defining your body, why not book yourself in for a free consultation and discuss Vaser on a more personal level with one of our trained experts.