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How is Vaser different from other lipo methods?

Vaser uses ultrasound waves to break up the fat and remove it through a smaller vacuum.

Can Vaser be used on multiple areas of the body at once?

Yes. During a consultation a doctor will discuss your requirements and advise the best plan for you on how and when to proceed with your treatment areas such as buttocks, legs and flanks etc.

What are the advantages of Vaser?

Procedures are performed without the use of general anaesthesia so recovery time is much less. Patients experience faster recovery than traditional lipo methods and much less pain and swelling. In addition, results can be seen immediately and throughout the recovery days to follow.

What duration is the recovery?

People who undergo Vaser treatments are usually back at home the same day and it can take between 2-4 days to resume regular activity. To read more about our aftercare click here.

How much time off work is needed?

It is advised that patients take a couple of days off work to help with recovery and the healing process. However, some patients return to work after 1 day off.

Why choose Vaser UK?

Vaser UK is one of the most advanced and experienced providers of cosmetic surgery with clinics up and down the country. We are a Vaser certified company with more than 2000 happy customers. To read more about us click here.