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Aftercare | Available in Manchester, Liverpool, London, and more

We are committed to providing all of our patients with the highest standard of aftercare regardless of procedure. Whether it is a small neck treatment or a full body transformation, every customer is treated with a complete Vaser aftercare package to give you peace of mind and security when considering liposuction.

Our complete aftercare package includes:

  • Unlimited appointments with our experienced team following your procedure
  • Access to telephone support during your recovery
  • Ultrasound therapy to reduce inflamation
  • Drainage to drain excess fluid from the body
  • Pressure therapy to reduce swelling

Our approach to aftercare helps improve the overall results for our customers. A Vaser aftercare package is proven to reduce bruising and swelling, have a quicker recovery and improve overall body contour and skin retraction.

Benefits of our Vaser aftercare programme:

With our aftercare the days and weeks following your treatment can be less painful with aftercare than without, especially for large treatment areas. The aftercare sessions are recommended to improve the results of your treatment and decrease the chances of complications.

Because Vaser lipo is one of the mildest methods of liposuction, there is much less pain than traditional methods and it is minimally invasive, with tools that include a mini-cannula that can suck out the broken down fat. However, there is still going to be some pain and swelling that follows with possible side effects. This is where our aftercare comes in. For the first 3 weeks following your procedure, our trained professionals aim to gently minimise pain and swelling to prevent scar tissue from forming.

If you have any questions regarding the aftercare you will receive from us, do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email.