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Vaser Hi Def Treatment | Available in Manchester, Liverpool, London, and more

Vaser Hi Def is a complete body contouring procedure to help sculpt your body and define the muscles, aka make them stand out. Our Vaser professionals use this advanced treatment technology to create an ultimate athletic appearance by removing fat cells that surround your muscles, often compromising their appearance.

Common areas that patients target with our hi def services include stubborn stomach fat, chest, waist and bum area.

At Vaser, our staff are fully trained to break down your fatty areas whilst leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. We are then able to define and sculpt the muscles using a suction process that is minimally damaging to other areas.

Results of Vaser Hi Def

As the structure of the muscles are sculpted, combined with the fat removal,  the deep definition of your body is more visible and gives a defined and athletic or toned look.

Men often use this for an attractive core and a solid six pack whereas women use it commonly on upper arms and love handles.

In the weeks that follow your Vaser Hi Def treatment, results get better and better. Aftercare and massage can help in your recovery and to improve the overall look of your body. It is also worth noting that areas of treatment will continue to look sculptured but only if you remain thesame body weight and often keep the same life-style.

Advantages of Vaser Hi Def

  • Procedures are personal and tailored to your exact body shape, taking in to consideration what you want to achieve.
  • What is advised for others, may not be advised for you, so Vaser Hi Def can help you define your exact body goals.
  • Minimally invasive treatments with very small, discreet incisions.
  • 1 day procedure with no overnight stay required.

For a free consultation with our hi def sculpting experts, call us today or email us using the enquiry form to arrange a free no obligation chat and consultation.