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Vaser 4D Procedure & Treatments | Available in Manchester, Liverpool, London, and more

What is Vaser 4D?

Vaser 4D liposuction is a highly advanced body-sculpting treatment that eliminates fat from areas of the body. This procedure defines your look and underlying muscles with instantly-noticeable results.

With 4D lipo from Vaser, you can reduce the fat cells in specific areas of your body by targeting pockets of fat, which in turn defines the shape of your body and limbs.

Common areas that are targeted by patients both male and female include:

  • Upper arms
  • Chest
  • Stomach
  • Buttocks
  • Back
  • Upper legs

Our advanced 4D treatments can completely transform and improve body shape on a permanent basis.

Why Vaser 4d?

Many people in the UK have areas of their body that they are not happy with, often fatter than other parts and are somewhat stubborn to reduce or shift completely. Combine this stubborn fat with a busy lifestyle and you have an area that you will always be permanently unhappy with. Enter Vaser 4D. Even if you are a gym goer, sometimes it is hard to target an individual area to achieve the results, body contour and definition you desire, 4D allows you to sculpt those out of proportion areas such as bingo wings or flabby flanks.

Is Vaser 4D for me?

Vaser 4D is a very specific method of Vaser Liposuction that is often used by already slim people or those that are active in their lifestyle.

4D helps to give the next-level edge to your body definition.

Got a flat stomach but want that six-pack to stand out? Vaser 4D could be right for you.

How does Vaser 4D work?

As Vaser 4D is very specialised, it can help achieve a natural looking, slim and toned figure by removing fat very carefully from target areas. The removed fat can then be injected in to other areas such as the chest to give a more defined and toned look. During this procedure, fluid is used to inject areas of fat that will be removed to help bind the fat cells before being hit with ultrasound.

You can take your body to the next level with 4D or get the body shape you have always dreamed of. Results last a long time and fat removal from your target areas is permanent.

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